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MISSION STATEMENT: Supporting individuals with physical limitations reintegrate into sport and physical activity.







To use the power of sports and physical activity to redefine the impossible to live an empowering and purposeful life.


Get to Know Us

The Cederstrand Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization which is devoted to making a difference for those with a disability within Canada. We provide the highest quality adaptive sports equipment and opportunity to return to sport to those individuals with the drive to persevere. 



Who is Chris cederstrand?

Chris Cederstrand is our Foundation Founder and the face of our mission. 

Growing up in small town Saskatchewan, Chris spent the early part of his life playing hockey.  As a teenager, he was drafted in the WHL, later going on to graduate Fire School in Vermillion, Alberta.  While applying and interviewing for a position as a firefighter in Calgary, Chris began work in road construction.  At the age of 25 and recently married, Chris was in a tragic life threatening work accident that resulted in an above knee amputation of his right leg.  Being told that sport was no longer an option for him, Chris had to find ways to rebuild his life.  With the support of family and friends, Chris has pushed himself to accomplish everything that he was once told he no longer could.  

Fast forward to today, Chris is a father of two and has received numerous recognitions throughout Canada for his determination, leadership, and endless work for helping others persevere in all of life's challenges. 

Learn more about Chris at his website.

We get to work with the best partners!

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