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Helping Adapted Athletes Thrive

For athletes living with a disability it becomes more than buying a pair of running shoes to run or buckling into skis or a snowboard.  Equipment such as custom wheelchairs, prosthetics, or sleds designed for specific movements are essential for individuals to reintegrate into sports.   Our team is working with Prosthetic companies along with SAIT Applied Engineering to design equipment for the vast diversity of needs of those with physical limitations as each disability faces its own challenges and needs.


Sport Chair

Chairs come in a variety of options and styles based on the athlete's needs. Approximate starting value of a sport chair is $5,000

Sledge Hockey Sled

Sleds are custom built to the athlete and can be adjusted as athletes grow and develop.  Approximate s starting cost $750

2015 Sledge Camp 105 LR.jpg

Sport Prosthetics

Sport Prosthetics are often designed for a single sport.  This means that for an athlete to be a multisport athlete they will often need multiple prosthetics.  

Approximate starting cost $5 000 per prosthetic

Other Adaptive Equipment

Other adaptive equipment is available upon request through the application process.  Examples are but not limited to: crutches, walker, arm bike, adaptive water sports, etc..

adaptive sports bike.jpeg
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